Shelby LAX
Shelby LAX by Dave Snyder

It's the second week in March 1966 at Los Angeles International Airport. The Shelby prepared cars for Ford are being loaded onto the transporter, headed for Sebring. Already loaded is the Ford X-1 Roadster #1 that will win the race driven by Ken Miles and Lloyd Ruby.   The #2 GT40 MKII is pushed out of the hangar waiting to be loaded.   Ironically Dan Gurney will push this car across the finish line at Sebring after its engine seized on the last lap while leading the race.  Gurney and co-driver Jerry Grant were disqualified.

The Shelby American LAX shops were a busy place in March 1966.   After moving to the hangars on 12 acres in January 1965, Carroll Shelby produced some of the most memorable cars in automotive history. In this scene we see both 289 and 427 Cobras, the Mustang GT-350 and also waiting for delivery are a few GT-350H for Hertz.   The LAX facility closed in November 1967 when the production of the Shelby Mustang was moved to Michigan.

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