Motorama 1954
Motorama 1954 by Dave Snyder

The big news for the 1954 GM Motorama was the number of concept cars. Chevrolet caught everyone's attention with the Corvette based Nomad wagon and Corvair fastback displayed next to the production Corvette. Pontiac featured the Bonneville Special bubble top with gull wing windows. It was powered by the Pontiac straight eight with four two barrel carbs and an automatic transmission. The Oldsmobile dream car was the sporty F-88. The most radical design was the Wildcat II, the pontoon fenders and headlights mounted on the A post made a lasting impression. It was powered by a 220 h.p. V-8 on a 100 inch wheelbase.

This new painting "Motorama 1954" shows the GM and event staff finishing the last minute details before the opening.

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