Matt Levonas
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Outstanding Performance "Outstanding Performance"
11" x 22", Edition 250
Giclée Print: $35.00
During the 3rd annual March Meet, Adams and McEwen decided to tip the can to their "usually" gas dragster and add nitro. McEwen and the "Shark Car" were one of the fastest cars of the weekend. In maybe the best race of the event, McEwen came up against Garlits' Swamp Rat III car driven by Connie Swingle. Adams added 25% to the tank and fired up. In a great race, McEwen beat Swingle with an 8.24 e.t. at 181mph. They lost the next round, but they did receive the "Outstanding Performance of the Race" award for beating Garlits' Swamp Rat III.

13" x 19" Open Edition
Giclée Print: $25.00
A '32 roadster making a run down the Muroc dry lake bed.Signed by the artist,

Blue Max
"Blue Max"
13" x 19", Edition: 200
Giclée Print: $40.00
From 1975 on the Blue Max was always one of the cars to beat at the track. In his first year in the Blue Max car he beat Prudhomme in the Indy Final. In the spring of 1976 Beadle had a 30-0 Match race record against Prudhomme, Ed "the Ace" McCulloch, Tom "the Mongoose" McEwen, "Jungle Jim" Liberman, and "T.V. Tommy" Ivo. By the end of the decade Beadle would dethrone Prudhomme as Champion.

Doug Kalitta
"Doug Kalitta"
13" x 19"
Print: $30.00

Blue Max
"Excitement at Indy"
13" x 19"
Giclée Print: $40.00
Coming just days after losing his son, Jamie to Luekemia, McEwen found himself in the finals against Prudhomme. Prudhomme had been a little quicker all day but when it counted in the final McEwen ran quicker for the victory.

Moby Dick vs Detroit Tiger
"Moby Dick vs Detroit Tiger "
13" x 33" Open Edition
Giclée Print: $75.00
Ezra Boggs in the Moby Dick Corvette and Tom Prock in the Detroit Tiger Funny Car at Pomona.

10" x 17", Signed by the artist, Open Edition
Giclée Print: $40.00
"Greer-Black-Prudhomme" From the moment the three got together the car was one of the fastest and most successful with a 230-7 win-loss record.

Hot Fuel
"Hot Fuel"
13" x 17", Open Edition
Print: $30.00

13" x 17", Signed by artist, Open Edition
Giclée Print: $30.00
TV Tommy Ivo and the Frantic Four car driven by Norm Weekly square off in a match race at Fontana.

McEwen Duster
"McEwen Duster"
13" x 19"
Giclée Print: $40.00
Tom "the Mongoose" McEwen does his burnout at the 1972 Supernationals at Ontario just before he gets his first NHRA national win. Edition of 250. Signed by the artist.

Mongoose wins March Meet
"Mongoose Wins March Meet"

13" x 17" Giclée Print: $40.00
In 1972 Tom "the Mongoose" McEwen had perhaps the biggest win of his career at the time when he blew through the top fuel field to win the March Meet in Bakerfield. Edition of 250.

Wild Thing
"Wild Thing"
13" x 19"
Print: $30.00

Scott Kalitta
"Scott Kalitta"
13" x 19"
Print: $30.00

Ronnie Sox's Paper Tiger
"Ronnie Sox's Paper Tiger"
13" x 19"
Print: $30.00
In 1965 you couldn't find a better FX match race than Sox and Martin's Paper Tiger and Dyno Don's Comet Cyclone.