They Came With The Farm Free
They Came With The Farm Free by Michael Irvine

This barn find just keeps getting better and better! Depicting more than 24 cars, including Swede Savage's Trans Am Racing Cuda, "They Came With The Farm Free" is the third Mopar painting in Michael's very popular, Muscle Car Landscapes Series. Continuing the scene that started with "They Came With The Farm" and "They Came With The Farm Too", "They Came With The Farm Free" lets us see what's inside, beside and behind the big barn!

What appears to be an incredible three part scene is actually 3 separate paintings, painted and released over a 6 year period. Starting on the left, "They Came With The Farm" was done in 2006, next, "They Came With The Farm Too" was released in 2010, and finally, "They Came With The Farm Free" was completed in the fall of 2012. Together, they create the ultimate Mopar farm fantasy find! Although there may be more Mopar paintings in this series in the future, there will be no more in this particular scene. The third and final painting, completes this incredible trilogy.

"When I painted They Came With The Farm in 2006, I had no idea that it was just the beginning! I began thinking of a second one that would place the viewer elsewhere on the farm, but decided to try something Iíd never seen before, an actual continuation. As if that wasnít challenging enough, I decided to do it again! Aside from matching the scene, the color palette, etc, I didnít want to recreate one of the first two. But this one had to work with them as well as stand on itís own. Iím glad I did it, to me the scene is now complete. This is the last painting in what has become a very interesting creative challenge."- MICHAEL IRVINE
Print Size: 18" x 24" image on 22" x 28",    Edition Size: 800, S/N    Print: $200   

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