They Came With The Farm
They Came With The Farm by Michael Irvine

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Imagine, you just purchased a property, or inherited it from a long lost relative ... and you go exploring only to stumble across the find of your dreams ... over 20 of the most incredible muscle cars, ever! There are Birds and Bees and heavy hitting R/Ts!

The setting, brilliant colors and incredible detail draw you into this legendary story. If that wasn't enough, all the cars, from the GTX to the Daytona, are in great shape—a buff and a shine, and you’ve got a gold-mine!! There are Road Runners, ‘Cudas, Chargers and Challengers, but look closely at the reflections, and you’ll discover even more!

"My idea for this series has been a simple one: if you're going to dream, then dream big! With that in mind, I thought wouldn't it great to have bought a farm, only to discover that you got more than just the land? As the seasons change and the leaves fall from the trees, you see the glimmer of chrome in the distance. Upon further investigation and clearing of a lot of brush, you discover this incredible collection of vintage Mopar muscle, just waiting to be driven!"- MICHAEL IRVINE

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