The Goat Farmer
The Goat Farmer by Michael Irvine

Most all automotive enthusiasts have, at some time, probably had a car or two they had every intention of restoring, just never got around to it. But even as the car just sits there, no matter what shape it's in, they still enjoy looking at it ... glad to have that 'diamond in the rough' in their collection!

"The Goat Farmer" is the 5th painting in Michael's Muscle Car Landscape Series. The setting and story were inspired by the GTO's nickname and by the people who hang on to their car collections, no matter what. Some hope to restore them eventually, while others are content to watch nature take its toll. No matter what kind of collector you are or the condition of the cars, we all have one thing in common ... we love muscle cars and sometimes, we take pleasure in just looking at them!

Considered by many to be the first muscle car built, this painting is the ultimate tribute to one of history's most trend setting automobiles. From the legendary Tri-power of the '66 GTO to the tire-scorching might of the 400 ci Ram Air IV equipped Judge, this gathering of goats contains some of the most memorable high-performance Pontiacs ever created.

"In this painting, we join the goat farmer as he takes a break from his daily routine to just sit on his tractor and admire his other goats. A smile crosses his face. For a brief moment he's taken back. A spring shower has just passed, leaving behind 'nature's clearcoat.' In the cascading sunlight, the paint glimmers and the GTOs look almost showroom new!"- MICHAEL IRVINE

Print Size: 18"x24" image on 22"x28",    Edition Size: 800, S/N       Price: $150   

Canvas Size: 36"x48",       Price: $1,500   

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