The Chase Lives On
The Chase Lives On by Michael Irvine

The release of the newest Bullitt Mustang reflects the continued excitement of a car chase scene from a 40 year old movie that's become generational. It reminds us all that the "chase lives on!"

"Whenever I see a green '67 or '68 Mustang fastback, I immediately, and without thinking, conjure up images of Lt. Frank Bullitt piloting his Mustang down the streets of San Francisco in pursuit of the menacing 1968 Charger. I can't help it. It just happens! From the first time I watched the movie, "Bullitt," I thought to myself ... "That looks like fun. I would love to do that!" So I did! Now with the release of Ford's new Bullitt Mustang, the next generation will ask us why is this such a special car? And it's our responsibility to tell them, or better yet, go to San Francisco, rent a new Mustang, and show them why!" - MICHAEL IRVINE

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