Six Pack Salute
Six Pack Salute by Michael Irvine

It's a spectacular day on the show field and all the Mopars are looking their best! This incredible painting is all about the cars and the arrival of the Superbird with the obvious show-stopping impact it has. Not only does it command the stares of appreciative on-lookers, it is worthy of a "6-pack salute." One of Michael's most color-intense paintings, it features Mopars from 1967 through 1971, including the powerful GTXs, Road Runners, Super Bees, Chargers, Cudas and a Challenger! With its "reflection-in-a-reflection-in-a-reflection", this painting is as much of a head-turner as the cars it pays tribute to!

"I've been fascinated by these cars since I was a kid, because of their race-car look. The wing alone must have drawn some attention. I'm guessing a lot of them were pulled over 'just because.' I can imagine how the dialogue might have gone:"
"If it's not a race car, what's the wing for?"
"Um, well officer, I heard it's for keeping the back end stable at over 200 mph ... but I can't be sure, 'cause my speedometer only goes to 150".
Print Size: 18"x24" image on 22"x28",    Edition Size: 800, S/N      Price: $150   

Original Canvas: 36"x46"     Price: $1,500   

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