Opens at Eight
Opens at Eight by Michael Irvine

Not since the early '70s has the release of a new car sparked so much anticipation and excitement.  The re-birth of the muscle car has enthusiasts and collectors putting in their orders months in advance and in some cases, paying over sticker price, just to ensure they are one of the first to own one of these retro styled instant classics.  It's that sense of urgency that has these owners, willing to subject their 440 Six Packs and Hemi Challengers to the rain as they wait patiently on the first delivery day of the 2008 models.  It's early, the sun is just cresting over the horizon and the dealership, lit up to show off it's latest release, "opens at 8:00."

"When Amos Automotive commissioned me for this painting, they only had two requests: keep the piece simple and include both the new and classic Challengers.  I chose the wet early morning outside the dealership, because I really wanted to get across the feeling of excitment about these cars.  On this early morning, it will take more than a little wet weather to stop these enthusiasts from being the first to take home the new Dodge Challenger. For those fortunate enough to own a vintage model, the chance to see their car in front of the dealership that displays their newest purchase is too much to resist." - MICHAEL IRVINE
Print Size: 16.5"x24" image on 22"x28",    Edition Size: 800, S/N       Price: $150   

Original Canvas: 36"x48"    Price: $1,500   

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