Found Room For Two More
Found Room For Two More by Michael Irvine

In 2007, Michaelís painting, "Always Room For One More," told the story of the savvy Bowtie enthusiast and his impressive collection of big block Chevys. Set in the mid-70s, this incredible painting spoke to those enthusiasts who either lived that dream, wish they had, or are working on that dream today. The impressive sequel, "Found Room For Two More," is a continuation of the first painting and there will be a third, making this another stunning, highly collectible trilogy! Number matching sets are available. In each painting, where one scene leaves off, the next begins.

In the continuing story, another section of this property is revealed. Alongside the classic big block Chevelles, Novas and Camaros, we see high performance Buicks, Impala SSs and pavement scorching Olds 442 W-30s , as well as gas pumps, mini bikes and more. As the collection grows and space becomes a premium, it helps to have an extra set of eyes. Here, the owner gives the thumbs-up to one of the drivers, who lets him know it's no problem, he 'found room for two more'.

"As an artist who also collects cars, I want to create scenes and stories that intrigue me and other like-minded people. With that in mind, I painted 'Always Room For One More' 8 years ago. With this piece, I'm matching scale, size, proportion and color palette, but also nuances of my style back then. Let's just say, this painting was definitely challenging."- MICHAEL IRVINE

Print Size: 18"x 24" image on 22" x 28",    Edition Size: 800, S/N       Price: $150   

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