Feeding Frenzy
Feeding Frenzy by Michael Irvine

Itís the early Ď70s and a summer storm has just passed, leaving in itís wake a service station doing a booming business. Now that the driver of the dual tanker truck has done his job, the Cudas are circling - eager to fill their tanks! The gleaming tanker truck, puddles left behind by the rain, and the body panels of these powerful 1970-74 E-Body Cudas, are the perfect mirrors to capture the amazing reflections. Drawing you in, the subtle details and incredible images tell the whole story.

"Iíve always liked the idea of adding a gasoline tanker as the primary reflective surface in one of my paintings. The way the tankerís shape compressed the reflections presented an interesting challenge, that I couldnít resist. The reflections in the dual tanks of the truck, allow you to view the scene from different perspectives. Itís as if you are standing in a new spot in each reflection. This lets you get a better understanding of the scene - a sort of, 360° view! What I like, is that the reflections allow you to see more than just the obvious scene in front of you. Like, you donít really notice the service station, until you look more closely at the reflection in the tanker." - MICHAEL IRVINE

Print Size: 32"x20" image on 36"x25",     Edition Size: 800, S/N      Price: $150    

Original Canvas: 60"x37.5"  Price: $1,500   

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