It's A Grand Sport
It's A Grand Sport by Michael Irvine

About 50 years ago, achieving success in road racing, Chevrolet’s Corvette was beginning to assert itself as a serious, competitive sports car and its potential seemed limitless. The 1963 Corvette Grand Sport 002 is one of the most important, historic sports-racing cars of all time. The result of Corvette’s early development, the Grand Sport, was the combination of technical accomplishment, competitive performance and incredible design.

This is the first painting in Michael's new series, "Above Them All." Not only do we have a unique, aerial view of the historic scene playing out below, but like the Corvette Grand Sport, the cars featured in this series are iconic automobiles that have had a definate historical impact on the automotive industry and the car collector hobby.

"This painting began with the idea for a series called "Above Them All." Originally I wanted to feature cars that were somehow unique, special or historically significant. As I sketched out concepts, I realized I could incorporate the play on words and have the viewpoint taken from above. In this case, directly above the driver. While painting, I discovered that the image worked as both a vertical, and with a quarter turn, as a horizontal as well. I thought, "Wow, that's really cool!" - MICHAEL IRVINE

Limited Edition Giclee Size: 24"x18" image on 28"x22" acid free, museum quality, 100% cotton, watercolor paper
Edition Size: 500, S/N      Price: $250    

Canvas Edition: 48"x36"   Price: $1,500    

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