C1, See Them All
C1, See Them All by Michael Irvine

Itís every classic car enthusiastís dream to come across that legendary grove of cars. Over the years, Michael has heard his share of these legends, and like many, has been skeptical of their true existence ... until the summer of 2010 that is. Thatís when he met "Jerry" at Carlisle, and not only heard about the field of 1,000 cars, but saw the photographs, for himself.

The photographs revealed fields dedicated to many makes and models. Having been there himself, "Jerry" estimated there were actually close to 10,000 cars in total, scattered across dozens of fields. And one field was all Corvettes including a 1967 427 Tri-Power. That was all the inspiration Michael needed for "C1, See Them All".

"This [talking with "Jerry" about the field of Corvettes] really peaked my interest. So much so, that I decided to create a painting of the location, based solely on my mindís interpretation of 'Jerry's' description. I personally have not seen this field of more than 500 Vettes, nor do I now it's exact location ó I wish I did. So, please, don't call or email me asking for the specific whereabouts of this dream find as I honestly don't know. As with all my paintings, the scene is from my imagination, not from actual photos. All I know is that it's located somewhere in North Carolina and, it's real!! "- MICHAEL IRVINE

Print Size: 18" x 24" image on 22" x 28",    Edition Size: 800, S/N       Price: $150   

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