Bird Sanctuary
Bird Sanctuary by Michael Irvine

On his recent trip to Phoenix, Arizona, Michael found inspiration for the fourth painting in his “Muscle Car Landscapes Series.” With the Barrett-Jackson tents in the background, this painting showcases the only muscle car ever to feature a Phoenix, the mythical bird of fire.

In his signature style and use of color, Michael’s imagination takes us to the breathtaking Arizona landscape near Scottsdale—to this collection of 1967-1979 Firebird Trans Ams and Formulas.

As you wind your way carefully through the narrow path towards a shop filled with tools of the trade and extra parts, another rare bird arrives on the flatbed GMC truck in the distance. Protected by rattlesnakes, scorpions and cactuses, these cars reside in the ultimate “"Bird Sanctuary".

"After spending a few days under the tents at the Barrett-Jackson Auction, surrounded by some really nice cars, it was time to experience Arizona's 70 mph speed limit! The drive provided the inspiration I needed. The desert-like terrain offers the perfect setting for preserving muscle cars. I chose the Firebirds because we own one, and with Phoenix just miles away, it all came together." - MICHAEL IRVINE
Print Size: 18"x24" image on 22"x28",   Edition Size: 800, S/N         Price: $150   

Original Canvas: 36"x46"    Price: $1,500   

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