B-Movie Night
B-Movie Night by Michael Irvine

On a warm summer evening in 1974, action film enthusiasts fill the RTE 440 Drive-in to witness one of the best and most exciting chase films to feature a Charger. Arriving just in time for the preview these lucky drivers catch a glimpse of what's to come!

In this incredibly detailed painting, Michael takes us back to the mid 70s, to his idea of the 'ultimate Charger night.' If you're a Charger owner or enthusiast, what better way to spend an evening, than surrounded by these concours cars while watching the cult classic on the big screen.

"The biggest challenge with this painting was creating a drive-in theatre scene, without featuring the 'big screen.' I didn't want the cars to be visually overpowered by the setting, or dwarfed by the size of the movie screen. The movie playing is secondary the cars are the stars! The second challenge was choosing the right scene to reflect into the cars. I finally decided on one that included the helicopter. All the driving was incredible, by both Peter Fonda and the drivers of the cop cars, but it was the helicopter that made this flick so unique." - MICHAEL IRVINE

Print Size: 32"x20" image on 36"x25",     Edition Size: 800, S/N      Price: $160    

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