Four-Barrel Four-Speeds with Dual Exhaust
Four-Barrel Four-Speeds with Dual Exhaust by Michael Irvine

Introduced in 1964 as an option on the Oldsmobile F-85 and Cutlass models, the 442 became a model in it's own right from 1968 through '71. In 1968 and '69, when equipped with the W-30 option which included the under bumper air scoops attached to the intake hoses that fed directly into the chrome topped dual snorkel air cleaner, these cars became true pavement-pounding muscle machines.

Featuring two of GM's premier muscle cars, the ‘68 and ‘69 Olds 442s, Four-Barrel Four-Speeds with Dual Exhaust, is the 5th painting in Michael’s "American Blacktop" Series. Michael puts you right in the path of these two bad boys giving you a dramatic low view of what makes these Holiday Coupes so cool ... the under-bumper air scoops and the striking red plastic wheel wells. Optioned with the W-30 package and complete with scoops and stripes, these high performance muscle cars enjoy tearing up a quiet country road.

"I've heard the Olds 442 referred to as the 'gentleman's muscle car'. But there's no mistaking these powerful machines, especially out on the open road. That's why I chose the quiet rural setting, it gave me the opportunity to be able to show these cars at speed. And to be able to view them from a low perspective, focusing on those cool air scoops and unique red fender wells. As with every painting, the challenge is to draw in the viewer and give them a little bit more, like the reflection of the undercarriages. Did you notice the hidden 'W-30'?" - MICHAEL IRVINE

Print Size: 24"x15" image on 28"x20" acid free, museum quality, 100% cotton, watercolor paper
Edition Size: 800, S/N      Price: $150    

Original Canvas: 57.5"x 36"   Price: $1,500    

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